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Even if we limit the organizational "trappings" to what is necessary and all of us are involved free of charge, the organization of high-quality national and international teaching is associated with some financial outlay for hall rental, hotel and travel costs alone.
By becoming a member, you support our cause both ideally and financially and can regularly participate in high-quality training courses at comparatively low cost. Membership in our national association is coupled with membership in Kokusai Renmei.


How to become a new member

For the membership application you need 2 forms (you will be assigned to a dojo*): The application for membership in our German association (registration certificate of your dojo) and the membership application for Ippan shadan hojin Seito Seiryu Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido Kokusai Renmei (short Kokusai Renmei). You will receive both forms in person at your dojo. Please read our statutes and the association rules - with your signature you accept them. Fill out the applications completely, loosely attach 2 more photos in the correct format, and submit to your own dojo director for forwarding to the board. Our postal address can be found in the imprint.

*Those who wish to become members but are not affiliated with a dojo, please contact the board directly using our contact form . We will then find an arrangement together.


How to remain a member in the following years

Our fiscal year begins on October 1 of each year. Therefore, in the following years, please pay the annual fee of 90,- Euro by the end of September at the latest. Info: This already includes the annual membership fee for the Kokusai Renmei of currently 5,000¥.

If no payment is received in time, your membership (and therefore also the membership of Kokusai Renmei) will expire after 14 days of late payment. To avoid this, we ask you to set up a standing order or mark the transfer date in your calendar.

We maintain a solidarity fund to assist members of a financial need. The board decides on this on a case-by-case basis; just talk to us confidentially.


So you can leave at any time

You can of course leave at any time; just inform us in writing or by e-mail about your wish to leave. Annual dues already paid will not be refunded.

If no payment is received in time for the new fiscal year (see above), your membership will automatically expire and with it the membership of Kokusai Renmei. We would be grateful if you would not only not pay, but also inform us about your resignation via email, etc.


our contributions and fees

All contributions and fees are calculated to cover costs and are not profit-oriented. All of us - including our Japanese teachers - are volunteers.

Annual fee MJER Association Germany e.V;
Info: this includes the annual fee to Kokusai Renmei
in the amount of 5.000 ¥ - will be forwarded by us
90,- Eur By bank transfer

one-time admission fee to Kokusai Renmei
Info: 10.000 ¥ - will be forwarded by us

60,- Euro By bank transfer
Federal training course over 2 days (members) 20,- Euro By bank transfer
Federal training course over 2 days (non-members) 50,- Euro By bank transfer
Fee for Kyu examinations up to and including 1st Kyu 15,- Euro bar on site
international courses of the Kokusai Renmei in DE Tender By bank transfer
Fee for Dan exams see below

our bank account details

Account holder: Musojikiden Eishin-Ryu
IBAN: DE13 1001 0010 0653 0081 01
BIC: PBNKDEFF (Postbank Berlin)

Banking QR Code
(without amount & purpose)

Use without guarantee
please check !


Acceptance of examinations

Up to and including the 1st Kyu
graduations are awarded only by our national association. The examinations for it take place in the context of federal courses and/or courses of the Kokusai Renmei in Germany and are taken by our federation coach Martin Peter or our president Raymond Schröder.

From 1st Dan up to and including 5th Dan
all graduations are awarded by the Kokusai Renmei. Examinations for this usually take place within the framework of the regularly held European courses of the Kokusai Renmei; but can also be taken within the framework of a national course together by our association trainer Martin Peter and our president Raymond Schröder.

From the 6th Dan
The examinations for this are held during the regularly held European courses of the Kokusai Renmei or during the annual Takai and Japan.


Examination requirements

Prerequisite of each examination (Kyu as well as Dan) is the membership in our association and therefore also in the Kokusai Renmei. As a rule, examinations should only be taken after careful consideration of one's own level of development and readiness to assume responsibility. Inner expectation of fulfilled minimum waiting times and learning goals oriented exclusively to good technique (see below) point to a wrong understanding of iaido. Here is a quote from Kono Hyakuren Sensei: "It is not enough to move the sword beautifully".

Without regular training, no technical and personal development is possible. Therefore, a continuous training period is required for admission to the examination. Continuous training means regular training at least once a week - otherwise the waiting time is extended accordingly. The respective minimum duration of this training phase (preparation time) can be found in the table below. All training times must be documented and submitted to the association trainer. Preparation times will only be credited if you are a member of the association at the same time.

Scope: All exams are divided into a theoretical and practical part. The prerequisite for admission to the practical examination is the prior passing of the theoretical examination. You will receive the documents to prepare for the theoretical exam from your dojo leader.

Deadlines: Examinations are to be registered in due time by the dojo leaders with the association trainer (Kyu examinations online via the association website) and must be confirmed by the trainer. The deadlines for timely notification of intent to examine to the association trainer are:
- for examinations up to and including 1st Kyu 4 weeks before the practical examination day;
- for examinations from 1st Dan 12 weeks before the practical examination day.

Last but not least: The minimum age for the 1st Dan exam is 18 years.

Waiting periods, fees and scope of graduations

Graduation Preparation * Fees ** Graduation
Testing Registration national Kokusai Renmei
5. kyu 6 months 15,- € x
4th Kyu + 6 months 15,- € x
3. kyu + 6 months 15,- € x
2. kyu + 6 months 15,- € x
1. kyu + 12 months 15,- € x
1st Dan + 12 months 2.000 ¥ 2.000 ¥ x
2. dan + 12 months 2.000 ¥ 3.000 ¥ x
3. dan + 12 months 2.000 ¥ 4.000 ¥ x
4. dan + 12 months 2.000 ¥ 5.000 ¥ x
5. dan + 12 months 3.000 ¥ 5.000 ¥ x
6. dan + 24 months 5.000 ¥ 6.000 ¥ x
Renshi + 24 months 6.000 ¥ 6.000 ¥ x
7. dan + 36 months 7.000 ¥ 7.000 ¥ x
others on requestForKyu exams 15,- Euro each are to be paid cash on site.

For Dan examinations, registration and examination fees are payable in Yen (or Euro / current exchange rate).
* The mentioned preparation times are theoretical minimum times!
** For the transcription of existing graduations of other federations (e.g. Seitokai or ZNIR) to the Kokusai Renmei additional transcription fees arise.

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