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News and course planning

  • 11/18/2023 | 9th Taikai World MJER Iaido Federation in Tokyo with a memorial ceremony for Esaka Sensei.
    Here the Invitation . Who wants to participate please do not register yourself but contact Raymond Sensei contact .
  • next federal course | for the end of the year we are currently planning a federal course in Potsdam. Date, announcement and online registration these days.
  • Annual fee 2023/24 | Please remember to transfer the annual fee for the coming fiscal year in time until the end of September; Thank you!
  • General Meeting 2023 | In the context of the Kokusai Renmei European Course our General Meeting took place on September 1st. The actions of the previous Executive Board and the Extended Executive Board were ratified and confirmed in office.

Announcements and online registrations can be found under Courses

completed | Kokusai Renmei Europe Course 2023 in Duisburg

Under the direction of Yasutomo Miyazawa Sensei and Daniel DeNoon Sensei, this year's Kokusai Renmei European Course took place in Duisburg from August 31 to September 3. Thanks to our teachers and to all participants who made this course and its warm and dedicated atmosphere possible!