Prepare membership application


we are very pleased that you would like to become a member of our company!

You have already read the basic information in the menu item more info? Good!
In the following, we will now provide you with all the necessary documents and then guide you through the applications step by step. We assume that you are already training in one of our member dojos and are therefore directly involved in the teaching of our association.
If this is not the case, please contact us before you continue here!

You should be aware that membership in our German association is linked to membership in our Japanese umbrella association - so you will have 2 membership applications. Annual dues are due regardless of the date of entry (the fiscal year begins October 1 each year). If necessary, ask your dojo leader for advice!

If you don't get along with the digital application: Don't worry. You can also just download the necessary forms, print them (or get them from your dojo leader), fill them out legibly by hand, attach 2 photos in the correct format and then send us the applications by mail (you can find the mailing address in the imprint).

For questions of all kinds we are of course at your disposal. So far ok? Then go:

in advance - our statutes and other documents for your information
in advance - information on the business year and membership fees
Applications Step 1 - Your membership application for our German association
Applications Step 2 - Your membership application for Kokusai Renmei in Japan
everything clear up to here? And so it goes on ...