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News and seminar planning

  • April 27 | 28 | Federal training course in Stuttgart
  • September 12 (arrival) - 15 | Kokusai Renmei European Course at the Kienbaum Training Center Grünbaum (save the date - announcement and online registration will follow)

Impressions from 2023

national seminar in Potsdam

Under the direction of Raymond Schröder Sensei and Martin Peter Sensei, the last national training course of this year took place in Stuttgart on the weekend of December 9/10. Congratulations on passing their exams: Florian Brunner, Tino Hunger and Carlos Reibitz for the 5th Kyu; N.N. and Dustin Tisljar for the 4th Kyu; Evelyn Ibanez Pilih for the 3rd Kyu.

not in the picture: Axel Pilih

9th Takai in Tokyo

Under the direction of Kobara Kenichi Sensei, this year's Takai took place on November 18th at the Budokan Tokyo with over 100 participants from all over the world. German association was officially represented by our president Raymond Schröder Sensei and our national coach Martin Peter Sensei.

Kokusai Renmei Europe Course 2023 in Duisburg

Under the direction of Yasutomo Miyazawa Sensei and Daniel DeNoon Sensei, this year's Kokusai Renmei European Course took place in Duisburg from August 31 to September 3. Thanks to our teachers and to all participants who made this seminar and its warm and dedicated atmosphere possible!